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FYM takes pride in providing full technical and artistic solutions for the Audio-visual industry.

Our specialist team leaves no question answered to provide international premier level of technical expertise, financing services, project management and “Keys on Hands” solutions on a wide range of audio-visual sectors.


From the inicial comcept we Will collaborate with you to ensure your visión of the Project gets the best posible approach.

Consulting and design

Our expert team of engineers and industry proffesionals design state of the art solutions that ensure máximum success.


We offer finnancial advise through the available structures within the audiovisual industries as well as the financial incentives from central and local governments.


We take full control of your project, ensuring the entire process goes without a hitch before, during and after the project is completed.

Training  & Support

Our client’s personnel is trained by our team of professionals after closing up the project while our support service will ensure a smooth function of the entire solution for as long as you require.


This is our goal. We take care even of the smallest deteail on each part of the project, making success as our flagship.


Audio systems design for concerts, events, venues, recording studios or any permanent installation.


Video systems design for events, theatre, conference halls, TV, production companies, etc.


Audiovisual design, implementation, digital signae, project management, supervision, trainning and support.


Specialists in consultory for acoustic isolation and design of halls, venues, cinemas, recording studios, sound booths…


Installation of audiovisual systems, domotics, data center, broadcasting systems, telecommunication networks.


Tv and Radio studios, production mobile units, production studios, control rooms.


Render farms, data centres, data storage services, data management and platforms.


Digital laboratory and DIT, editing, color grading, sound, CGI creation, quality control, compositing and VR.


Lighting systems design for events, theatre, conference halls, production studios and TV sets.

Why we lead the industry

Exceed expectations

We are always striving to add extra value to our products and services so we deliver state of the art solutions.

Long-term partnerships

We offer a unique range of services you wont find anywhere else, from complete financing advise, management and execution of your idea to training, support and manteinance after closing up your projects. It is one of the reasons why we hold long-term contracts with our clients.

Your vision

It is your visión what we most value. Our expertise team with decades of experience across the audio visual industry among our know-how, will make your ideas succeed.